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December 24, 2008

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December 14, 2008

George: Cowboys silence critics with win

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George: Cowboys silence critics with win

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Terrell Owens – Terrell Owens Dallas Cowboys -20 New York Giants-8

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Dallas Cowboys -20 New York Giants-8

Terrell Owen’s : 3 Catches, 38 Reciveing Yards, 12.7 avg

December 13, 2008

T.O. to Jason Witten: Don’t talk to me

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December 13, 2008
T.O. to Jason Witten: Don’t talk to me
11:26 PM Sat, Dec 13, 2008
Tim MacMahon

Friday’s friction between non-jealous T.O. and Jason Witten didn’t get physical. T.O. just told Witten not to talk to him after the tight end tried to discuss a pass route during the practice, Todd Archer reports.

Two captains who can’t even talk to each other? That’s real healthy for a team fighting for its playoff life. And that was after Wade “We Are Family” Phillips set everything straight about the “non-issue” during a team meeting.

“Obviously I have a lot of respect for Terrell and I think it’s the same way,” Witten said after practice in an attempt not to add fuel to the fire. “He’s a helluva player.”

The focus at Valley Ranch this week should have been on Cowboys vs. Giants. But that’s the undercard to T.O. vs. Witten/Romo.

And that’s not exactly surprising.

“It’s already happened here,” Eagles RT Jon Runyan told ESPN.com’s Matt Mosley, referring to T.O. tearing apart a team. “We know exactly what they’re going through. The problem is that it divides the team. People are drawing lines and taking sides.”

December 12, 2008

Giants Think Terrell Owens Sent Them a Mocking Box of T-Shirts

There’s an abundance of news storming out of New York today regarding the Cowboys and the Giants matchup today. For starters, it’s believed that a bunch of Cowboys *gasp* don’t actually want Brad Johnson quarterbacking their team. Go figure.

But in vastly more important news, a box of Terrell Owens “I Love Me Some Me” t-shirts showed up at the Giants locker room for today’s game, and Ed Werder reported on ESPN that most of the Giants believe it was TO himself that sent them.

This is, to make an understatement, pretty believable. After all, it’s been said recently that the Giants and Cowboys aren’t really friendly

“They hate us and we hate them,” [Giants DE Justin Tuck] said in all seriousness.

Well then, I’m sure Tuck was just thrilled to find out that TO is shipping clothing items their way. And in true rivalry fashion, the Giants have already said they plan on making sure Owens is paid ba! ck.

Werder didn’t have details of the specific action that would be dished out, but he did say that it would involved popcorn, long believed to be Owens favorite treat.

And yes, I do feel somewhat like Kenny Mayne reporting this, but it’s not going to seem so sarcastic when Osi Umenyiora comes flying down onto the field, hooked up on a bungee cord, and starts dumping popcorn all over TO’s chest. Then it’ll just be funny.

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December 11, 2008

‘Jolly’ Owens Says Cowboys Still Feeling Upbeat

‘Jolly’ Owens Says Cowboys Still Feeling Upbeat

IRVING (AP) ― T.O., with your nose so bright, are you ready to help guide the Dallas Cowboys to a better December finish?

Apparently so.

Terrell Owens was in the holiday spirit Wednesday, sporting a flashing red nose. He described his mood as “jolly,” dismissing his sideline outburst after the late collapse in Pittsburgh and saying the team remains confident about its playoff hopes.

“I’m happy. I’m very excited about the opportunities that we’ve got,” Owens said, the red bulb strapped to his nose blinking every second or so. “There’s not any pressure. We know we can win.”

Despite the loss to the Steelers, Dallas (8-5) is in position for a wild-card spot. But the Cowboys are still vulnerable with three difficult games left — Sunday night against the New York Giants, who have already clinched the NFC East title, followed by Baltimore and Philadelphia.

The Giants were a wild-card team last year, sweeping through the playoffs for a Super Bowl title after a tough loss to the New England Patriots in the regular-season finale.

The Cowboys are hoping for a similar rebound after the tough loss in Pittsburgh.

“It might be a story in the making,” Owens said. “We are getting prepared for that. … We can’t rely on everybody else. We have to control our own destiny.”

The Giants beat Dallas 35-14 on Nov. 2. But that was when the Cowboys were without Tony Romo and in a miserable slump.

After Romo’s return, Dallas won three straight games and took a 10-point lead into the fourth quarter at chilly Pittsburgh before the Steelers got their only touchdowns in a late 24-second span, the last on an interception return.

Dallas had one more chance, but after a deep incompletion to Owens, Romo’s fourth-and-10 pass in the final minute was incomplete to Jason Witten, who never turned to see the ball.

Owens was then seen screaming on the sideline at receivers coach Ray Sherman. The receiver insists that wasn’t what everybody thinks it was.

“I am frustrated because we lost in the manner we lost in last week,” Owens said. “It’s my birthday. For three quarters and a half, I was about to have as happy a birthday as anyone could have. Then, in five to seven minutes, it turned out to be the worst.”

In the past, Owens had sideline rants with quarterback Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia and former Cowboys receivers coach Todd Haley.

“All I was doing was venting to Ray about some of the things that were going on,” Owens said, insisting that it wasn’t about him not getting the last pass.

Owens said he was “very disappointed” because the defense played such a great game and that the offense “let those guys down.”

“I am all about winning the game,” said T.O., who had three catches for 32 yards and a touchdown on his 35th birthday. “I think we can use that negative and the disappointment and all the anger as motivation for ourselves to go out and play better. I think everyone in this locker room is ready to do that.”

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December 7, 2008

Happy birthday, T.O. … love, the guys

The Cowboys’ locker room wasn’t a very happy place Sunday night after they turned the ball over five times and let the Steelers score 14 points in the final 2:04 of the game.

NFL Hangover

Needless to say, the outcome wasn’t what Terrell Owens might have wished for on his 35th birthday. But despite the loss, the Cowboys still made sure to celebrate their star’s special day. Here is what transpired:

(Scene: The locker room. Owens’ teammates gather around his locker and hand him a wrapped package.)

Owens: “Thank you for remembering my birthday, guys.”

Tony Romo: “No problem, buddy. We all chipped in. We think you’ll like it.”

(Shakes box. Holds it to his ear.)

Owens: “Hmm … it seems light. I don’t have a clue. I guess I’ll just open it.”

(Opens the package. Pulls out a paper containing the 2008 and 2007 season statistics for Jason Witten, Roy Williams and Patrick Crayton.)

Owens: “I don’t get it. What is it?”

Witten: “Our touches, buddy! Our touches! Look how far down our stats are compared to last year. They’re terrible! We might not even make the playoffs. And it was all to make you happy!”

Owens: “Oh, my … this … this … [sniff, sniff] … this is the greatest gift ever. Thank you, guys. Thank you so much.”

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November 11, 2008

T.O. runs circles around coverage

IRVING, Texas — Come on in. The Terrell Owens Show is about to begin. Walk right through that blue curtain and head to the back of the Dallas Cowboys locker room. Then squeeze into the semicircle of humanity around his cubicle.

For 13 years, Owens has been an NFL spectacle, yet he just blends into the madness here. His mouth and his antics overshadow the fact that T.O. is one of the best playmakers of all-time, ranking second in career touchdown receptions (136) and seventh in receiving yards (13,788).

In Seattle, we hear about this guy all the time. He’s either popping off or showing off, pouting or clowning, annoying someone or everyone. He’s comical or crazy or both.

Six years ago when he played for the 49ers, Owens made the Seahawks the butt of one of his jokes. After scoring in a “Monday Night Football” game at Qwest Field, Owens pulled a Sharpie from his sock, signed the ball and gave it to his financial adviser in the stands.

But that’s in the past, along with the snipes at Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb. With Owens, there’s always new material.

Last Thursday and Sunday in a two-part interview with Deion Sanders on the NFL Network, Owens complained about his lack of productivity, more or less blaming it on offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

“The thing is, if Garrett is smart enough to know what made me successful all those years, he’ll go back and look at San Francisco and Philly,” Owens told Sanders. “The difference is, I was a priority.”

Naturally, Owens backed it up with a seven-catch, 213-yard performance in a 35-22 victory over the 49ers, the second-most prolific effort of his career.

Mike Holmgren noticed.

“He’s absolutely a concern for us,” said the Seahawks coach, whose team plays Owens and the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. “If you don’t have a game plan for him … then he can almost by himself win the football game. To me, he looks like the same player he’s always been.”

Owens will turn 35 on Dec. 7, and the whispers have started. Until Sunday’s dazzler, he had five consecutive games of fewer than 40 receiving yards.

After the 49ers game, Dallas Morning News columnist Jean-Jacques Taylor praised him but also wrote that Owens doesn’t run as well as he used to, struggles against bump-and-run coverage and drops too many passes.

He still looks terrific. I know this because I bought his recently released book, “T.O’s Finding Fitness: Making the Mind, Body and Spirit Connection for Total Health.” On the cover, he’s beyond buff.

In the book, he details his diet and workout regimen while demonstrating different weight-lifting exercises that can benefit everyone.

“Fitness starts with the mind,” Owens writes. “Once you believe that you can lose weight, the ‘how-to’ part will come more easily.”

During the season, the self-proclaimed bachelor eats the same breakfast every morning — eight to 10 egg whites and a bowl of oatmeal — and frequently has sea bass or salmon for dinner.

In the offseason he’ll give in to junk-food pleasures in moderation — his favorites are M&Ms, Kit-Kats, Doritos and Ruffles. He also will have two drinks a week — a white wine and an apple Martini.

“You must be disciplined about your diet,” Owens writes. “(But) discipline does not mean denial.”

“T.O’s Finding Fitness” is on the top shelf of his locker as “The Terrell Owens Show” gets under way with a surprisingly subdued host. He is wearing blue sweats and a blue T-shirt that says “iLove” on the front and “me some me” on the back. When you’ve got a minute, please explain “iLove me some me” to me.

The look on Owens’ face screams: “How many times have I been through this dog-and-pony show before?”

I know the look; the same one’s on my face.

“Terrell, do you look at the wild-card standings,” someone asks.

“Nope,” he says.

“(Linebacker) Greg Ellis said he likes the smell of this team. Do you agree with that?”

“I guess,” T.O. says.

“Did you ever think you’d see the day when the Seahawks were 2-9?”

“I don’t think about the Seahawks,” he says.

Owens is peppered with questions about the NFL Network interview. Does he think Garrett was offended by his comments?

“I don’t know, you’ll have to ask him,” Owens says. “He hasn’t said anything to me.”

No one can believe that he was dissatisfied with his 213-yard game and didn’t watch “SportsCenter.” Why not, T.O.?

” ‘Cause I could’ve been doing it all year long,” he says. “I didn’t feel pressure by the interview I did. I know what I can do.

“I didn’t watch no highlights. It ain’t nothin’ I haven’t done before. I’m still not satisfied, still not. For what? It’s not anything new. I’ve seen myself on highlights plenty of times.”

He didn’t read it, but someone told him about Taylor’s column in the Morning News.

“According to (Taylor), I was done, washed up,” Owens says. “I got jammed (with) San Francisco and Philly. Being 34 (years old), y’all say I can’t get off a jam. I’m 34 but I just had (213) yards. Now what? Talk about that.”

I was preparing to interject with my usual assortment of inane questions when a bubbly radio reporter asked him if he could say “Happy Thanksgiving” for a promotional spot. Owens declined.

After that, a “say, T.O., have you got a dog?” question didn’t seem like something he’d entertain. Besides, I think he’s got a cat, or so it would seem — he’s pictured meditating next to a Siamese in his book.

“The Terrell Owens Show” is almost over. Our host is heading toward the exit with grovelers in his wake, searching for one more morsel of T.O wisdom.

“So what would satisfy you? A ring?” he’s asked.

“Yeah,” Owens replies. “When we win the Super Bowl.”

P-I columnist Jim Moore can be reached at 206-448-8013 or jimmoore@seattlepi.com.
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